The Great Wall of China – the biggest structure on earth, an imperial masterpiece of the Ming Dynasty and a true wonder of the New World. It's over 5000 miles long and just over 1500m in altitude at its highest point.

It is not a continuous wall anymore, much of it has simply eroded over time. Our treks cover some of the more remote sections, both restored and old.

    Great Wall of China

    The Great Wall of China; 2000 years of history, built to repel all invaders. A 5 day trek including camping for 1 night on the Wall itself; all alone, no-one else around. The Wall is a world icon and an amazing structure to see stretching out for endless mile upon mile.

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    Difficulty Grade 4 - Challenging-01


    With Flightsfrom £1950

    Without flights



    Yan Mountains and Beijing


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