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Kit Lists

Never lose a kit list again! Available 24/7, just choose the kit list appropriate to your trip.

We stress that these kit lists are a ‘guide’, not an instruction. They also act as a checklist for packing.

Some general advice:

  • If you are new to this, read the notes below on some important items
  • Never underestimate the weather; it can change in an instant where you’re going!
  • Make sure what kit you do have can protect you and your kit in the wettest (and coldest) of environments (ie a sudden torrential downpour). Hypothermia can come on quickly and if you and your kit are wet, you could be in trouble.
  • The higher you go, the colder the temperatures. Kilimanjaro is just 300km off of the equator and yet there’s a glacier on the top!
  • When the sun dips down over the horizon, the temperatures drop quickly. Wrap up and retain your body heat.
  • Use the layer clothing system; it works.
  • Make up your own personal medical kit – for YOU. Only you know your body’s weaknesses, so gear your medical kit around it.
  • Build yourself a little box of useful ‘stuff’. A little pocket knife, small roll of gaffer tape, little padlock, some small zip ties, needle and strong thread, small long life candle, etc.. are all examples of little things can really come in handy now and again.

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Trekking doesn’t require a lot of specialist kit. We would however, highlight the items below for special attention. Get any of these horribly wrong and you could be in for an uncomfortable ride. Some expensive items such as sleeping bags and daysacks you can hire; see below for links to providers.

Some useful 3rd party advice guides:

Sleeping Bag guides (possible to hire, see below):
Go Outdoors, sleeping bag guide
Mountain Warehouse, sleeping bag guide

Walking Boots:
Ellis-Brightman, walking boots guide
Mountain Warehouse, walking boots guide

Rucksacks (possible to hire, see below):
Go Outdoors, rucksack guide

Layer Clothing system:
Go Outdoors, layer clothing system guide
Mountain Warehouse, layer system clothing guide

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