Family Adventure Treks

  • Family Treks in the Sahara Desert - superb!
  • Family adventures in the Himalayas are so educational
  • Family treks in the Annapurnas - youngsters love it!

Family Adventure Treks -take your family on one of these great adventures; they will love you for it! They are certainly different and very educational.

Our family adventure treks have been tried and tested to ensure that they are suitable for the averagely fit family looking for a great adventure holiday.

Need more advice on suitability for your family? – just call us on 01529 488159 or 07725 943108.

Great Adventures, Flexibility and Supportive – Our trips are not only great adventures but have an enormous amount of flexibility:

  • We can provide your family with an adventure on your chosen dates
  • We can adjust the itinerary to suit you (add days, reduce days)
  • We can provide additional support for younger children (if deemed suitable)

These treks are enormously rewarding and educational in terms of culture and terrain.

Sahara Desert – a vast, safe area within which to have great fun with children. Lose the mobiles, ipads and anything that needs electricity! Averagely fit children of approximately 12 – 14 years old should be able to complete this trek unaided (ie on their own feet throughout). Additional camel support to aid tired legs is available.

Try Half Term early 2017 – we can adjust to suit the time available but book as soon as you can; flights get expensive!

  • How Long? – 10 days UK – UK, 6 days trekking, can be reduced by either shortening the trek and/or altering the travel plans.
  • How Good? – Superb in a group as there’s nothing around you except lots and lots of sand. Seriously good fun with the high dunes and it’s a very safe area. It’s camping in a warm environment (if not hot).
  • More details on the Sahara Trek.

Himalayan Sunrise Trek – a wonderful trek in the fabulous Annapurna mountains of Nepal. The daily treks have generally been kept short to allow for children. Suitable for averagely fit children 12 years upwards; younger children may need support. Pony or porters can be used depending on age/weight. Max altitude 3200m.

Try Easter 2017 – perfect time to go.

  • How Long? – 11 days UK – UK, 5 day trek, can’t really be shortened. We already include a full day (2 nights) in Pokhara post trek as this is a wonderful place but perhaps consider an additional day in either Pokhara or Kathmandu.
  • How Good? – Very; the whole Nepal experience is an eye opener from the minute you land in Kathmandu. Personally trekked this route in 2016 with 2 children aged 9 and 14.
  • More details on the Himalayan Sunrise Trek.

Everest Experience – great overall experience for anyone, let alone children. Lots of really good views of Everest itself but does not go to Everest Base Camp; a step too far! Goes as far as Tengbouche, max altitude 3900m.

Easter 2017 or an extended Half Term autumn 2017.

  • How Long? – 13 days UK – UK, 9 day trek but that’s a generous number of days (plenty in hand should something need to change). It can be shortened.
  • How Good? – Really good but perhaps for the more adventurous rather than first timers to this sort of thing. The flight up to Lukla is exhilarating to say the least and some of the climbs are tough, but doable at a slow enough pace.
  • More details on the Everest Experience Trek.