Kilimanjaro – A Killer to Those that go Cheap

Trekkers die on Kilimanjaro - it’s true. Why? Mainly altitude related issues. Just a little understanding of high altitude and Kilimanjaro (the geography of the mountain itself) may save yourself a lot of money, discomfort and potentially your own life. This is no exaggeration. All too often, trekkers see one thing only when looking for [...]

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Morocco’s Snow and Sand

Morocco Snow and Sand - Exactly What Is It and Why Do It? What is it? - In short, it is two treks (a Toubkal ascent and a Sahara trek) moulded into a single trip experiencing an altitude change of over 12,000 feet and temperature range of over 40 deg C in a matter of [...]

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Arctic Challenge – Which One?

We have two Arctic Challenges - so what’s the difference and which one’s for me? Both of our current Arctic Challenges are in Norway but in very different locations: 78 Degree North is on the Island of Spitsbergen, way up north. The Finnmark Adventure Challenge is on Norway’s mainland but still well inside the Arctic [...]

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Blog Bhutan – How To Get There

Bhutan - How To Get There Being a land locked country, you can only access Bhutan by driving or by air. This assumes you have a visa (see previous blog). Driving. There are 2 formal crossing points, both on the Bhutanese southern border with India. Phutsholing is by far the easiest accessible in the SW [...]

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Blog Bhutan – The Cheapest Way

Bhutan - The Cheapest Way Bhutan is certainly a unique country and how it charges for tourists to be in the country is one of those unique features. The Bhutanese Govt charge a fixed fee per person for every night you are in the country* (not per day as some think), and that fee varies [...]

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Arctic Challenges – Wind Chill

Our Arctic Challenges bring with them the problem of cold temperatures; potentially very cold temperatures. Having the right clothing and equipment is a given (you shouldn't be there without it) and the adoption of the layered clothing system is inevitable and wholly necessary to cope with the huge range of temperatures experienced between your body [...]

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What goes in your daysack

What Goes In Your Daysack When Trekking A question often asked, especially by novices and rightly so. To be clear, we’re talking a general trekking day in a mountain or desert environment, not a summit day for example. There are numerous factors that would affect precisely what goes in and it will vary from person [...]

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