Is Morocco Safe To Trek?

It is a question we do get asked and one worthy of delving deeper. My immediate answer is that Morocco is currently safer than the UK, according to the UK authorities. MI5 is the UK's Security Service and they report the current threat level to the UK as 'SEVERE' whereas Morocco's is lower than that. [...]

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Airport Minimum Connection Times

Who Controls Airport Connection Times? Just how long should I leave for a flight connection? Ever missed a flight connection or had to run to make the Gate? - Not funny! And who’s fault is it if I do miss the flight? There’s no easy answer is there - too many variables. This [...]

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Virtual Travel Photography Workshop

Develop Your Travel Photography Skills - From Your Own Home Someone once said 'Travel is glamorous retrospectively' and we perhaps assume through the eye of a camera lens. They have a point. For those that enjoy photography beyond the smartphone are always looking to develop their skills with the settings of the [...]

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Everest Base Camp v. Annapurna Base Camp

EBC v. ABC Everest Base Camp (EBC) and Annapurna Base Camp (ABC); two of the most well know Base Camps in the world and both are in Nepal. But how do the treks compare? And which one to choose? I’m fortunate. I’ve been to both many times and neither fails to impress but for [...]

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Flight Delays – The Airlines Fight Back

EU Regulation 261/2004 was introduced to establish common rules on compensation for flight cancellations and delays, etc.  The rules are quite strict so the airlines are inevitably fighting back. The Daily Telegraph reported last week (Daily Telegraph, Travel Section dated 17 Jun 2017) that airlines are now signing up to Alternative Resolution Dispute bodies [...]

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Why A Resilient Itinerary to Everest Base Camp is Key

Most 'standard' itineraries to Everest Base Camp (EBC) take 8 days to get there and a further 3-4 days to get back to Lukla. In an ideal scenario it's all you need - BUT the Everest region is far from ideal. Despite perceptions, getting to EBC is NOT a given. You need to know what [...]

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High Altitude – Can You Train For It?

  Can you train your body to cope with high altitude (before you go)? A question we often get asked. It is not as simple a question as it may appear. And what about these 'Chambers' - can they not help to train us? This short article aims to be straightforward and non technical so [...]

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Kilimanjaro – A Killer to Those that go Cheap

Trekkers die on Kilimanjaro - it’s true. Why? Mainly altitude related issues. Just a little understanding of high altitude and Kilimanjaro (the geography of the mountain itself) may save yourself a lot of money, discomfort and potentially your own life. This is no exaggeration. Can you train for high altitude? You have to read our [...]

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Morocco’s Snow and Sand

Morocco Snow and Sand - Exactly What Is It and Why Do It? What is it? - In short, it is two treks (a Toubkal ascent and a Sahara trek) moulded into a single trip experiencing an altitude change of over 12,000 feet and temperature range of over 40 deg C in a matter of [...]

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Arctic Challenge – Which One?

We have two Arctic Challenges - so what’s the difference and which one’s for me? Both of our current Arctic Challenges are in Norway but in very different locations: 78 Degree North is on the Island of Spitsbergen, way up north. The Finnmark Adventure Challenge is on Norway’s mainland but still well inside the Arctic [...]

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