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Joining the army at a young age, Terry Crosby soon realised that a life behind a desk would not be part of his future. With a love for adventure and the outdoors, his ambitions firmly lay in developing his career in a way that allowed him to travel the globe, building experience and a vast knowledge of the countries he visited.

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As a Mountain Leader, his knowledge and experience of trekking at altitude and in remote areas developed quickly and was often tested! Terry soon started to seek out these often harsh environments as their resulting isolation only heightened the beauty of the landscapes and provided the genuine adventure; away from the crowds and tourists. Fortune took Terry to Norway and as an already accomplished cross country skier, he became an Arctic Survival Instructor. For 4 winters, he taught dozens of soldiers how to live and survive in this harsh environment.

As his career matured, he was fortunate enough to be able to choose where to organise and lead many expeditions and so he made the most of this! From sea canoeing in New Zealand, Canada, and the Mediterranean, alpine and cross country skiing in Scandinavia, Europe and North America to trekking throughout the Himalayas, North America, Europe and Africa – the list of adventures grew.

The Early Days
As Terry came to the end of his military career, he knew he needed to find something which would allow him to continue his passion for adventure travel. Having had such amazing opportunities in the Army, it seemed a shame not to share his knowledge and use it to enable others to enjoy similar adventures.

So that’s how it all started; leading small groups on the treks he knew well which allowed him to still get out there whilst making enough from them to cover his costs. As this developed, so did the relationships with what are now our in country colleagues in each of the destinations we visit. Working alongside our guides and managers for several years has developed their sound understanding of our expectations for service and safety and importantly, we understand (and have experienced) their extensive capabilities.

Although remaining a small company, the destinations and products we offer have significantly grown and so has our place in the adventure market. As a result, in 2011, we chose to cement our position and became a limited company and the ATOL Licence quickly followed. With many trips now running on several continents at the same time, it was time to leave the trusted guides to do what they’re good at on their own. They have our trust and we know that they are more than qualified to act on our behalf, leading our clients safely and with a passion that is equal to our expectations. A true test is only when potential problematic situations arise and each time, they have risen to the challenge. Whether it has been sickness, flight issues, weather or political problems, they have adapted and supported our clients often above the call of duty and on a personal level of care.

Terry remains the driving force behind the company and will more than likely be the person you speak to when you contact us. We intend to keep the company small, manageable and on that same personal level – it’s what makes us different. What we do now is to combine our work with a continued development of new and different products (some unique) for our clients to enjoy.

So you may occasionally find Terry taking a Royal Enfield for a spin around Nepal, rafting down the Kali Ghandaki river or researching more trekking routes in the remote Cordilleras Blanca, probably with a drone strapped to his back. But he will still be there to ensure that travelandtrek.com makes your adventure the most amazing travel experience possible.